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    Learning from experience - with a vision for the future

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    The Need

    Every country, region, province, and city on this planet is looking for ways to design successful innovation ecosystems. After 18 years of development and international promotion of Northern Europe's largest innovation Hub, the Otaniemi campus in Espoo, Finland. Lumintel has the blueprint.

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    Analyzing Your Ecosystem

    By analyzing your ecosystem, how it's been built, and what your future goals are, a new plan can be envisioned for its future. Through Lumintel's pre-existing global connections, we can provide a large network of innovation ecosystem experts to these projects.

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    Building for the Future

    Combining past experiences and visions for the future, we can co-create an innovation ecosystem and an innovation hub that truly starts taking your ecosystem to a new level, bringing new opportunities and prosperity to your region.

  • Beat Competition with Blue Ocean Strategy

    Develop a Truly Competitive Strategy - Leave Your Competition Behind the Horizon.

    The traditional 4-fields are too simple in this complex world we operate within. Learn the secrets of the Blue Ocean. Create a competitive strategy that sets your company apart from the flock. Be a shaper instead of follower. Be a shaper instead of a follower. Be a frontrunner instead of a laggard.


    In our version, we generally use over 80 parameters to truly map out where your competitive advantages truly are. In the process, you will find your strengths and also your competitors' weaknesses - and you will be much better positioned to make decisions about the course of your company and its strategy.


    Are you ready to find out?


  • Shared CXO Service

    Sharing Experience, Expertise & Efficiency. Nothing else.

    Your company has a strong technology core, but has weaknesses in going to market and business operations. And there are more things on your plate than is reasonable. Who could help you?

    An innovative technology company needs experienced people in market and customer facing operations who also have have business and organizational skills. Been there, done that. With us you get a quarter century's worth of management and leadership experience in innovation and technology companies.


    Lumintel has already left its mark through over 1,000 public speaking, pitching, presenting and keynote assignments before international audiences ranging from a few people to crowds of thousands. These have taken place all over the world, from east to west in countries like Japan, South Korea and China, France, Germany, UK, the USA and Canada.


    Extensive executive experience. Longstanding international networks. Strategy development. Recruiting. Human resources development. Leadership and management. External and internal accounting. Financing. You can always trust experience!

    A trusted sparring partner

    With over 25 years of business experience, and after coaching and helping over 120 startup and scale-up companies to grow, Lumintel has a lot of experience and knowledge about how to develop an innovative technology company. Your headaches don't have to be headaches. Let's solve the challenges you're facing!

    How to enter global markets? How to build a better strategy? How to find funding?

    Lumintel can help you with market entry globally through our global network of trusted partners. Which markets in the world would you like to enter?


    With experience gathered over the years working in various companies, both by running them and by being on their boards, Lumintel can help you develop a better strategy on many levels. What are your company's main pain-points currently?


    How to find funding? With connections to global investors, we can help you get visibility, develop the kind of investor pitch decks that the investors expect to see, and help you go for the big fish. How big do you want to grow?

    How does the Shared CXO Service work?

    It's simple. Together, we will together identify the role that is needed in your company, what the targets are, and instead of having someone there nine-to-five every day and on your payroll, we make an agreement ranging from 1 to 4 days per month when the Shared CXO is present and available for your company - and we start working. In every other way the Shared CXO is a member of your team, only not present every day. Experience, Expertise & Efficiency only.

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  • GDPR

    The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 GDPR Statement (updated 12 November 2021)

    Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679, we have a legal duty to protect any information we collect from you.


    Lumintel Ltd Commitment to GDPR

    Lumintel Ltd welcomes GDPR as an important step forward in streamlining data protection requirements across the EU and as an opportunity for Lumintel Ltd to strengthen our commitment to data protection. GDPR requires a partnership between Lumintel Ltd and our customers in their use of our services. Lumintel Ltd aim to comply with all GDPR regulations and have updated our services and documentation to help support our events and our customers. Lumintel Ltd will continue to monitor GDPR and update as the new laws come into effect.


    Data collection and use
    A very important aspect of GDPR is how the data is collected and used. The most typical use case where Lumintel Ltd collects data are event registration forms. As an event arranger and data processor, Lumintel Ltd’s key role is to provide our customers (the data controllers) with the access to effectively manage and protect their user data. Lumintel Ltd is constantly investigating new ways to enhance our service offerings so that we can provide better transparency to our customers. Lumintel Ltd does not share any user data with any other party without receiving explicit opt-in approval for that on event registration form used in registering to a Lumintel event. All such data is storaged as securely as possible within reason, for example data connections are protected by VPN and passwords are created at a high security level.


    Data Integrity and Security
    As our customers tighten their data security measures, Lumintel Ltd is willing to do its share in partnership with its customers. We’re streamlining the processes by implementing IT policies and procedures that provide as good security as within reason possible. Working closely alongside our clients and partners, Lumintel Ltd have reviewed our supplier contracts to ensure GDPR regulations are met throughout our value network. All Lumintel Ltd employees must complete internal data privacy and security training with GDPR specific content to ensure all our clients data is respected, kept securely and has the relevant retention policy applied. Lumintel Ltd generally will act as a data processor and our partners and customers generally will act as data controllers. Working together, we hope to explore opportunities within our relevant service offerings to assist our partners and customers meet their GDPR obligations. In the meantime, Lumintel Ltd encourages partners and customers to independently familiarize themselves with the GDPR. For more information on GDPR go to the European commissioners GPDR page https://ec.europa.eu/info/law/law-topic/data-protection_en